Suzhou Bote Motor Co.,LTD.

Due to the increasingly intense energy forms and environmental requirements, the rapid development of new energy vehicles, our company to "provide the most advanced products, to contribute to society" as the concept.

We R&D and product PMSM motors for air conditioning compressors based on the international advanced motor technology, and provides related after-sales service and motor design service...

What Do Wo Do?Our company develops and produces PMSM motors,

sells its own motors and related products.We provide after-sales services and technical design services for motors.

  • Provide design solutions according to the specific requirements of customers.
  • Using Japan's leading technology design, research , development and produce PMSM motors for EV and HEV air conditioning compressors.
  • To win-win development as the goal, to serve for electric compressor manufacturers.
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