Technical advantages

Bote Motor has professional design teams, manufacturing teams and quality teams.

Manufacturing strength

The company has an annual production capacity of 9 million units, and the automation rate of the production line has reached 67%. The stator production process is 100% error proof implemented, the electrical performance of the finished product is 100% tested, and the data is 100% traceable. 100% visual inspection of rotor products offline, and 100% traceability of upper computer process data. At the same time, the company provides support for manufacturing activities through a comprehensive material control system.

Stator line

Stator line

Rotor line

R&D technology

The company takes independent research and development as the leading role, and through technical cooperation with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Dianji University and other colleges and universities, it has continuously promoted technological innovation from materials to products, from process to equipment.

PDIV test

Cogging torque test

Vacuum testing machine

3D Printing

Dynamic balance test

Refrigerant filling test

Temperature resistance test

Cleanliness test

Motor load test (dynamometer)


The company has established strict quality control requirements, strictly complying with regulatory requirements such as environmental safety, occupational health, harmful substances, and product quality. At the same time, internal quality management requirements have been established in accordance with the IATF16949 automotive industry global quality management system standard to ensure product quality control and traceability.

Tensile testing

Inspection measuring tools

Scratch force experiment

Jumping experiment

Salt water experiment

Stator comprehensive tester

High and low temperature tester

Copper wire withstand voltage test

Integrated rotor charging and testing machine

Softening breakdown experiment