The product is widely used in the field of thermal management electric compressors for all new energy vehicles in China.

Enterprise Advantages

With the advancement of global electrification, our company is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of brushless permanent magnet motors. The products are widely used in fields such as new energy vehicles, rail transit, industrial products, medical devices, etc.

At present, more than 25 series platforms have been targeted for development, with over 400 types of motor products covering the voltage range of 24V to 1000V, meeting the requirements of all operating conditions from 17CC to 120CC. The product is characterized by lightweight, miniaturization, efficiency and integration. By effectively designing at multiple levels, we can improve product efficiency, extend product lifespan and meet the needs of customers in harsh environments.

The company has a professional design team, manufacturing team and quality team. At present, we have obtained various enterprise qualifications such as 'Jiangsu Province Private Science and Technology Enterprise, High tech Enterprise, Small and Medium sized Science and Technology Enterprise, Specialized, Refined, Special and New, Suzhou Engineering Technology Research Center, IATF16949 Certified Enterprise'.

Technical Aspect

The company takes independent research and development as the leading role, and through technical cooperation with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Dianji University and other colleges and universities. It has continuously promoted technological innovation from materials to products, from process to equipment, and has obtained more than 100 patents in the industry.

Manufacturing Aspect

The annual production capacity is nine million units, and the automation rate of the production line reaches 67%. The stator production process is 100% error proof implemented, the electrical performance of the finished product is 100% tested, and the data is 100% traceable. 100% visual inspection of rotor products offline, and 100% traceability of upper computer process data. At the same time, the company provides support for manufacturing activities through a comprehensive material control system.

Quality Aspect

The company has established strict quality control requirements, strictly complying with environmental safety, occupational health, harmful substances, product quality and other regulatory requirements, and has established internal quality management requirements in accordance with the IATF16949 automotive industry global quality management system standard to ensure product quality control and traceability.

Market Aspect

Our company has shipped over five million units of electric compressor motors for thermal management in new energy vehicles, with a market share of about 30%. Our product applications cover A00-D class models. The end customers involve traditional car companies, new power car manufacturers, joint venture car companies and foreign-owned car companies. Based on the domestic market, gradually expand into the international market.

As a pioneer leader in China's new energy vehicle compressor motors, Suzhou Bote Motor Co., Ltd. responds to the requirements of the National Development and Reform Commission to accelerate the promotion of efficient and energy-saving motors, and contributes to the green development of 'carbon peaking' and 'carbon neutrality'.


Tailored motors for customers to meet their personalized needs

Bote Motor products are widely used in fields such as new energy vehicles, rail transit, industrial products and medical devices. With the diversified development of motors, special motors are gradually increasing. In order to meet the specific motor customization needs of customers, Bote Motor is positioned to customize motors to meet their personalized needs.

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