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Facing 2019- Bote Motor never forgets its original intention and strives to move forward

Release Date:2019-01-15 Page View:240

Looking back on the entire year 2018, the manufacturing industry and the real economy faced a severe situation, with the industry index dropping to 50%. The automotive market experienced its first decline after 28 consecutive years of growth. For every enterprise in the industry, its leaders and employees face great challenges.



Bote Motor was established in 2016 and since its products were launched into the market in 2017, relying on strong development capabilities, stable product quality, and good service awareness, in relatively difficult external environments, with a stable and steadfast work style, the company has achieved steady growth.


In 2018, we achieved a good sales performance of over 300000 units, accounting for approximately 30% of the market share of new energy vehicle compressor motors. In the past two years, the cumulative shipment of Chengye has reached over 500,000 units. And maintain market feedback without poor product performance. At present, the product is widely used by major OEMs in various types of new energy vehicles. Bote Motor has received recognition from a large number of customers.



In 2019, the overall downward pressure on the industry was great, and the economic performance of the manufacturing industry was weak. But we firmly believe that the direction of the development of new energy vehicles will not change, and the reversal of the trend in the new energy vehicle industry will be the highlight of the economy in 2019.

We will continue to improve our product line; Deepening technological innovation; Ensure stable product quality; Optimize production methods and steadfastly improve towards intelligent production; Improve delivery service capabilities.


Starting from 2019, it is time to truly test us. We must constantly improve our own abilities, learn from our customers, partners, and competitors with a broad mindset. We have the confidence to overcome all difficulties and obstacles, and rise to the challenges.


Bote Motor will continue to adhere to the concept of 'providing the most advanced products and contributing to society', promote the development of the enterprise, and face 2019!