Produce products with a pragmatic attitude;
Improve abilities with an innovative spirit;
Realize value through responsible services;
Reward customers with a grateful mindset.


Becoming a leading electric motor enterprise in the industry and contributing to social development.


Meeting employee needs and achieving employee value;
Meeting customer needs and developing together with customers;
Actively assuming corporate social responsibility;
Diligent research achieves sustainability in enterprises.

BoteMotor history

◆ Established in May

◆ R&D and promotion of compressor motor for alternative fuel vehicle


Company establishment; Independent research and development

◆ Factory relocation in July

◆ High tech enterprise

◆ Brushless permanent magnet motor series (distributed/centralized)


Perfect product series and market development

◆ New factory (1.5w square meters)

◆ Construction of self owned factories

◆ Business development in the four major motor application fields

- R&D rail compressor motors

- R&D motors for industrial

- R&D automotive water pump motors

- R&D motors for tools

- R&D motors for medical devices


Deep penetration of the main market and diversified product layout

◆ The Second Five Year Journey

◆ Development of motors, motor controls, peripheral products, etc

◆ Business expansion in the four major motor application fields

- New energy vehicles

- Rail transit

- Industrial products

- Medical devices


Expanding production capacity and enriching products

product area

Customize motors for customers to meet their individual needs.

  • New energy vehicles

    The product is widely used in the field of thermal management electric compressors for all new energy vehicles in China.

  • Rail transit

    The product is applied in the field of large displacement air conditioning compressors such as high-speed trains, subways and buses.

  • Medical equipment

    With the epidemic situation and Chinese people's attention to their own health, we have developed product applications in medical Oxygen concentrator and other fields.

  • Industrial equipment

    The products are widely used in industrial spraying machines, polishing machines, logistics refrigeration cold chains, data center refrigeration and other fields.


Adhering to craftsmanship and pursuing excellence

cooperative partner